Here’s Why Every Start-Up Should Focus On Its UI/UX Design

Have you ever wondered why few startups fail while few succeed? The correct answer to that depends on many factors. However, one of the primary reasons can be accounted for a poor user experience. In 2023, just having a mobile app or website is not enough; it’s crucial to provide a good customer experience with the help of UI/UX. With more and more businesses developing branded applications, the only essential thing differentiating you from your competitors is a great UI/UX design. Before getting into why start-up should focus on its UI/UX design, let us understand its meaning. 

What is UI Design?

As the name suggests, UI, or User Interface, simply means the point where users interact or communicate with an application. Similarly, UI designing refers to visually adding aesthetic elements to a software application to improve its look and feel. Let’s take Zomato as an example, open the app on your phone and take a closer look at its design. The buttons, options, the footer, or their newly interactive features, such as video promos for restaurants, contribute to a visually pleasing experience. Despite having so many services to display, with a great UI design, they’ve made this complex design a seamless experience. It’s essential to have a good UI design as this not only helps create a great visual experience but also focuses on the functionality of the overall app. The end goal of UI is to create a seamless, enjoyable, and effortless experience for users interacting with the app.

elements involved in UI designing

Then, What is UX Design?

User experience design is a crucial element of product development and is all about creating a positive interface by understanding the user’s needs and behaviour. UX design primarily focuses on market research and evaluating the user’s overall experience, like how easy it is to use an application, what might be challenging, and how to improve the functionality further. For Example, in Netflix, at the beginning of every episode, you have an option of skipping the intro and recap. This is an excellent example of UX design. It makes it easier for the customer to navigate and progress to the next episode eliminating the need to do it manually.

Here’s another possible example, if you’re building an application for teenagers that needs an entirely different UX strategy compared to not-so-tech-savvy audiences like the older gens.

elements involved in UX designing

How Is UI/UX Designing Relevant For Startups?

Now that we’ve established what it means, let’s take it one step ahead and see why every start-up should focus on its UI/UX design. Many startup founders commonly mistake it as an expense rather than a necessity. They assume it’s an additional step of product designing that can be made optional, and this is where they are 100% wrong! Implementing UI and UI designing in your product development will help you get more customers, create a loyal client base, and boost your brand. For any startup, the primary goal is to get the initial set of users in the early stages. If you focus on UI/UX, they will not only interact for a long time and keep returning for more. Therefore, it is vital to implement it as it creates a solid first impression of your brand and makes you stand out from your competitors. 

comparison between a good UI/UX design and a poor UI/UX design by Night Lab Tech

5 Benefits Of UI/UX Design For Startups

Assists In User Acquisition and Retention

A great UI/UX design is no longer an option but a necessity for brands to set themselves apart and retain clients. Initial user acquisition is the key to success for a startup, so don’t think of it as an expense but rather an investment! Let’s say you hear about a new app from your friend and try it out. You head over to the app store, download and use it. You realize it’s effortless to navigate, utilize all the features, and look highly appealing. This will keep making you come back whenever your need arises, thanks to having a brilliant UI/UX!

Reduces Dev Costs In The Long Run

You might think, How will this help me reduce my costs?” Before you question this, just look at it from this perspective. You build your product and release it in the market, and at a later stage, you start implementing UI/UX. You’re unsure whether it would work, so you’ll have to change your product constantly after getting feedback. So each time you make these updates and changes, it adds more to your costs. So why not avoid this by doing it during your initial product development? This way, you get to test the user experience from the start and get relevant feedback when you release it to your early users.

Boosts Brand Value And Awareness

It’s no lie that having a great UI/UX directly affects your brand and its credibility. For any startup offering services on their websites/mobile apps, an impressive UI/UX design is undoubtedly the key driving force to capturing your customer’s attention. Coming back to Zomato as an example, when you hear the name, what is the first thing that comes into your mind? Is it the bold red color or the services on their app? Whatever it may be, their brand colors and logos are well imprinted in your mind. Don’t believe us? The next time you see a Zomato delivery person or a red grocery bag with their logo, notice that your mind instantly takes you to their application or might even persuade you to order food online!

Instills A Positive Customer Experience

When you have a website or a mobile app that’s exceptionally smooth, fast and has all the required features, it eliminates the need for your clients to contact support for assistance. Customers who spend less time understanding your app engage more with your products and services. This will also increase your user base in the long run, as users with a positive experience will vouch for your app and share it with their friends and family for free!

Reduces The Need For Team Assistance

If your app is well structured right from the beginning, then your team will have to spend less time, money, and effort on fixing issues that might arise. That’s why startups need to consider investing in UI/UX designing in the development stages since the benefits that reap out stay long. When your app speaks for yourself, it makes everyone’s lives much more manageable, even your support team! 

We hope this blog summarises why every start-up should focus on UI/UX Design in the initial product development stages. That being said, if you’re looking for an experienced UI/UX team to work on your next app, book a free consultation with the Night Lab Tech team and see the magic we create.

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